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15 Weeks. 15 Gifts.
Find and collect them all!

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Collect 15 Exclusive Birthday Gifts

Event held June 18-Sept. 24

To celebrate our 15th birthday, Second Life will be giving away a different crystal-themed Birthday Gift every week.

Each week’s prize is a mystery, but you can expect some unique items that you won’t find anywhere else! To qualify for the final super-special prize in the 15th week, you’ll need to login each week and collect all 14 previous prizes.

Use our Swaginator HUD to keep track of your progress!

How to Grab Your Gifts

1. Join or Login to Second Life

To participate, you’ll first need to have a Second Life account.
Once you have an account, just login to get started!

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2. Get and Wear your Free HUD

You’ll need the new Swaginator HUD to begin your quest. Look for the kiosks in the welcome areas at SL15B and Portal Park. Click a kiosk to get your HUD!

Right-click on your HUD in your inventory to wear it. Your HUD keeps
track of your progress in getting all 15 gifts!

Get Your HUD

3. Find your Weekly Clue

Each Monday, we’ll publish a new clue that you can use to begin your search for each week’s prize. Each clue will also include a teleport link that you can use to go to the location where each week’s prize is hidden.

Weekly clues can be found on our blog and social media accounts.

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4. Seek & Find

Once you arrive at the correct region, use the hints in your clue
to help in your search for the hidden chest that contains your gift.
Click the chest to open it and claim your prize!

Each week there are exclusive gifts! To grab the super-special prize in the 15th week, you’ll need to get all previous 14 prizes – so be sure to log in weekly!

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