Celebrate Pride
in Second Life

Express yourself and discover
love in a virtual world where
you are free to love without limits.

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Love Can’t Be Cancelled

In Second Life, the virtual celebration and expression of our nuanced identities is still on. From Antiquity to Stonewall and beyond, the LGBTQ+ Community has always been here and isn’t going anywhere.

Things are scary right now but it’s important to remind ourselves that this is another obstacle that shall be overcome and that the fight for queer visibility deserves to be honored.

No one can rain check the rainbow.

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Celebrate Pride in Second Life

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Second Pride Festival

Celebrate Pride with live events in Second Life from June 5-14.

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Eden Women’s Club

Dance club for lesbians, bisexual women, and those who just prefer a ladies-only crowd.

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SL Pride at Home

Pride-themed hop & shop event featuring an amazing array of designers offering exclusive Pride items.

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The Beehive

The Beehive prides itself in being LGBTQIA+ friendly and a safe space for all.