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waiting for a place to call home.

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Pets in Second Life

Second Life is the largest-ever 3D world created entirely by its users.
Here you can find your own cuddly companion and select from thousands of adoptable pets both great and small. Some pets are even collectible and can be bred to unlock rare traits and secret attributes.

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Explore Thousands of Pets

Browse the Second Life Marketplace to explore thousands
of virtual pets and accessories, including breedable bunnies,
cats, dogs, horses and even out-of-this-world creatures.

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Unique Animal Friends

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These mystical creatures feature many hidden elements that you will discover.

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KittyCatS are purrfect pets with amazing eyes and coats.

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Love dogs? Watch these adorable BioBreeds grow from birth to adulthood.

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Barnyard Birds

Barnyard Birds are virtual pets that you can feed and breed.

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Fennux are cute and interactive fox pets to play with in Second Life.

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Amaretto Ranch

Raise and care for your own "breedable" horses, available at Amaretto Ranch.

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Krafties is a free immersive fantasy pet MMORPG adventure game.

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Bands of Cypher

Bands of Cypher is a game featuring the digital pet Yumi from another dimension!