Happy Birthday,
Second Life!

Celebrate 16 years of Second Life with
fun events, concerts, and free gifts!

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Watch What Happens at SL16B

Get a sneak peek at all the community exhibits and events at SL16B in this exclusive video.

SL16B Event Highlights

Community Celebration

June 20-July 8

Explore dozens of community-created exhibitions across multiple birthday regions during this three-week birthday celebration.

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SL16B Shopping & Gift Events

June 20-July 8

Get exclusive items from Second Life’s hottest
designers at the SL16B Shopping and Gift event.

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Meet the Lindens

June 24-27 at 2-3 p.m. (Pacific)

Meet the people behind Second Life. Here’s your chance to learn more about future plans for Second Life directly from executives via a series of special Town Hall Q&A events.

Meet the Lindens

Free SL16B Avatars & Gifts

June 20-July 8

Grab one of four complete avatars from any gift kiosk at the Welcome Area of SL16B. With cool retro styles including clothing color customization, you’ll fit right in to the “Sweet Sixteen” theme!

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SL16B Swaginator Gift Hunt

June 20-July 8

Several cool retro gifts are scattered across the SL16B regions.
Can you find them all?

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SL16B Calendar of Events

Here’s the full schedule of events: