Smash Party

Held 6 p.m.-midnight (Pacific) on Sept. 12

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Exclusive Event in Second Life

Expect the Unexpected

Anything can (and probably will) happen at this virtual world gathering. Smash, bash and crash one of the hottest parties of the year held by independent award-winning animation production company Titmouse (known for “Star Trek: Lower Decks,” “Big Mouth,” “Metalocalypse,” and countless other shows). This year, the event is held exclusively in Second Life. Don’t forget to pick up your free virtual gifts as you arrive!

Pictured: Scenes from the Smash Party in 2016.

About Titmouse

Music. Art. Anarchy.

At the center of this year’s event is an interactive smashing cage where attendees can smash objects with a variety of different weapons. You can also meet and take a photo with Titmouse mascot, Mr. Chirps.

Rumor has it that the region is filled with more than a few easter eggs, too. Eagle-eyed attendees may see a few familiar faces from the Titmouse creative team and animated characters in the crowd, too. (Did somebody say Dethklok?)

Let's Party!

Ready to Get Started?

Are you new to Second Life? We’ve put together a complete FAQ to help you get started – everything from registration to instructions on how to navigate to the event.

We recommend that you download and install the free Second Life Viewer early so that you can get a bit more familiar with how Second Life works before the event. Read the FAQ to get started!

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Sneak Peek of the Virtual World Venue

Ready for a smashing time?
Get an advance peek at the exclusive event.